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Blue Apron is NOT delivered in a temperature controlled food delivery truck; It is delivered from a hot fedex truck, which my driver told me can reach 125 degrees on an 80 degree day. That's why the boxes are soggy, and dripping.

Absolutely disgusting ! The box was falling apart due to to heat and humidity, and dripped all over my front porch. It's only June, what's going to happen in July and august? My driver also told me that the Blue Apron boxes sit in a terminal that can reach 100 degrees for hours before being loaded onto the already hot fedex trucks.

HOW IS THIS NOT BEING ADDRESSED BY THE BOARD OF HEALTH? No restaurant would ever get away with handling food in this manor.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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They are supposed to be refrigerated shipping trucks . that is why they keep packed boxes in refrigerated area be4 pickup and trucks that arrive at refrigerated. fedex is cutting corners.

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